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The Bed Guru

The Bed Guru
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Discipline - E-commerce

“Having no idea of online sales and having heard horror stories of friends being burnt by web design companies I was sceptical. PVAPPS was recommended to us as a company that exceed their promises and give you a great return on investment. This has never been truer as from my online site we have generated over £800,000 worth of orders, amazing.” Carl Walsh

The Bed Guru had established itself locally in the retail sector with it’s high street store in Leeds but they wanted to increase sales and the strengthen their brand on a national level. Furthermore they wanted to increase turnover by £250,000 in the first stage and build trust as an established bed retailer. What better way to do this than by having a website taking orders anytime and from anywhere?

The Bed Guru called upon our e-commerce expertise to build and launch their new website and re-brand their eBay store-front.

Since launch, the website has recorded over £800,000 in direct sales and from the dedicated website order hotline, has achieved top 3 rankings in Google organic search results and increased awareness of the Bed Guru brand

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