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Mobile Applications Designed for Outstanding Results

Tailor Made Apps


In many ways, this is our favourite part of the process; turning a clients, or our own, vision for a mobile application into a tangible idea. Possibilities are endless and our mobile developers and user experience designers are highly skilled, but we believe at this early stage we should focus on the core requirements for the mobile application, and plan the process to make it outstanding.

We work closely with our clients to confirm the key functionality, navigation path, user experience and overall expectations before providing a clear and concise cost for the build. Once this is agreed wireframes are produced and the idea really starts to come to life.


With the wireframes complete, and agreed, our mobile user experience designers take the basic frames, research the relevant market, competition and user interface guidelines before we commence with the designs of each individual screen for the application. Existing branding where relevant will be taken into account, and built upon for the mobile platform, or if required a mobile applications brand will be built from the ground up. Once complete the designs are a vision of the application that will be built, inclusive of each and every action the functionality dictates, once signed off our designers begin the process of providing each asset to our mobile developers.


With all of the design assets prepared for our mobile developers, the build and development of the application commences. Each build we produce is done so in planned iterations, each containing a core set of functionality that once completed is tested internally, before being presented to the client for feedback and ongoing visibility. Once each iteration is completed and signed off we move on to the next in the agreed, prescribed order decided upon at the beginning of the process. Once the application is complete our internal team perform an extensive QA, ensuring each and every feature is tested on all relevant device's, operating system's and connectivity options before guiding the client through their own internal testing to confirm the application is all that it should be.


Once signed off the application will be launched to its relevant App Store by our team. We will set up the accounts, provide guidance for the required information, ensure this is collected early in the process and manage the entire release ourselves. We are then on hand, permanently for our clients, we have created an after care process which allows for regular reviews, performance updates, user feedback and on-going discussions, all designed to ensure the long term success of each mobile application we deliver.

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