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Chris Carroll
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Hope Park
Trevor Foster Way
West Yorkshire

Would you open a shop or company down a dark alleyway without signage or passing trade?

Open up your shop window to the world and drive targeted traffic to your website.

It's very frustrating when a client comes to us and tells us how they have had a website developed, invested a lot of time and hard-earned money into it, and haven't received one sale or contact through it. It is vital that your company is seen on the web, and it is even more important that you are advertising to the right target market.

Search Engine Optimisation is about researching your target market, understanding how the browser searches and what it is they looking for, researching your competition and establishing a clear plan that will increase your revenue.

If you sell Nike trainers and want to be number one in the rankings, guess what, you have no chance, unless you are Nike that is! But if you define your search and great results can still be achieved.

We use our expertise to advise you on the right path to target your customers, define the correct budgets, get you noticed and open your eyes to a huge market and opportunities.

To explain the value of search engines, consider the following example; you sell furniture and we might say we could increase your website hits from your target market by 20,000 visitors. Sometimes this gets dismissed because it is hard to associate browsers with physical people, however if we were to drive 20,000 people through the door of your store or office who wanted to buy your product, how much would you value that?

Do you really want to know about Meta tags, link building and key word text? Of course you don't - you want to know that we are very good at promoting our clients through the search engines and increasing your profit. Whether it is through the organic listings or pay-per-click sponsored links - we have clients achieving great results, both in the UK and world-wide.

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