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The Ripon Spa Hotel

The Ripon Spa Hotel
Website & Online Booking System Development and E-mail Marketing

Discipline - Website, E-mail Marketing, CRM

“Our brand has been pushed to another level which has increased online bookings two-folds ” Samantha Thompson, The Ripon Spa Hotel

Once part of the Best Western hotel chain The Ripon Spa Hotel approached us to develop a new identity for both offline and online trading. The task was to pull the heritage and history of the spa whilst more importantly giving the hotel a push into modern times. As part of a joint consultancy project rooms were revamped to give the perfect setting for photographs, staff productivity was measured in away that allowed us to establish the best method to build a custom CMS system and a brief was presented that accommodated both existing customers and new target customers into the site map.

We started the transition with The Ripon Spa on a consultancy level by advising first not on the brand and online but the look and perception on the hotel. They were no point in developing a great online shop window i.e. the website then deceiving the browser when they arrived.

Results included increased bookings and event attendance over a six-month period, an increase in website enquiries since it's launch and the development of a Loyalty Scheme initiative.

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