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My Ruby Slipper

My Ruby Slipper
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“PVAPPS understood our needs for a system that streamlined our online operations, we look forward to the next phases of development”

My Ruby Slipper is a new social networking application, where members communicate with close circles of family and friends, rather than ‘broadcasting to the world’ a la Twitter or Facebook.

With the tag line, It’s About You, Not Me, it is a 'grown up' practical tool for adults, not a gossipy, frivolous vehicle.

Members invite friends and family to join their network. They use it to both remind themselves of upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, events, other significant dates and gifting occasions of those in their group and post their own details and wish lists to help associates source the most suitable presents for them. They can also send and receive party/event invitations via the site.

The web service is designed for use by individuals, couples and families with children. The mechanics of the dual/multiple memberships are being worked out currently. Minimum age for individual membership is 13.

A unique function will be the ability to record messages, or indeed any footage or audio material, and pre-send it to individuals for arrival at their page at a set time and date. Currently, this cannot be done.

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