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Maths Toolbox
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Discipline - Educational iPad App

“PVAPPS approached us to be their trusted advisors for the development of their educational apps, and we could not believe our luck! The teachers and children alike are thrilled to be part of this incredibly exciting ongoing project” Kieron Flood, Headmaster, St Benedicts School, Leeds.

The Maths Toolbox is the first internally directed, educational iPad release created by PVAPPS. Working closely with St Benedict's school and industry experts John Ward, Richard Towers and Emily Cummins we have created an educational app that is a collection of outstanding, interactive resources that are commonly used within classrooms around the world, but never before on an iPad app.

With a variety of activities, the Toolbox will have children of all ages entertained with Maths, and will be used as a teaching tool to accelerate progression in basic and advanced mathematical calculations with students in the Primary classroom. Aimed at home use also, the Toolbox will allow for parents to set their children challenges and engage with them in Maths on a totally new and fantastic level.

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