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“PVAPPS have helped me excel at pushing my innovation ideas and sales expertise to a global market.” Jonathan Yates approached us with a basic concept for a website application and needed a development agency to take this idea, explore the possibilities and make it a reality. Post-launch fflap would need ongoing support to promote and maintain the web app.

The first objective when starting with fflap was to define the user journey. This allowed us to develop a site structure that would best suit what the user would want and not what we wanted. The next stage and the most important were to establish the revenue streams. We devised a three stream strategy that would see the client earn revenue from advertising media, subscriptions and affiliate programmers’.

Results included introducing new revenue streams through advertising media and online subscriptions, radio interviews which promoted the site through founder Jonathan Yates, established partners including Hootsuite in Canada and helped achieved seed funding of £100,000.

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