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Elegant Fireplaces

Elegant Fireplaces
Website Development and Branding

Discipline - Website, Brand

“Working with PVAPPS has been a great experience. They have been at hand every time I have needed some guidance to establish our store and I am looking forward to doing lots of business with them in the future.”

Elegant Fireplaces came to us with a clean slate, a new company who had been recommended to us by Business Link. Working with Ian was a dynamic process, he brought not not only expertise in fire places but also a lifetime experience in managing and selling successful business. The outcome was a bespoke e commerce site, completely manageable by admin and a new brand logo, advertising and search engine campaigns.

Time was spent on the settings of the pictures used many sourced and shot in a ware house, paying a large amount of attention to the detail of the fireplaces.

For the brand we designed a very simple "elegant" logo that fit into the ambition of the company and proved to be very successful. Finally a search engine strategy was delivered targeting over 20,000 hits per month of potential customers.

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